Packing Tips

Packing can be hard. Whether you’re touring in luxury or living meal-to-meal on a backpacking journey, your bag will play a hugely significant role on your trip. Think about it – your bag is actually your toolbox, wardrobe and safe, all-in-one (and your only source of homely comforts). Because of this very important role your bag will play, it is vital that you customise, fine tune, and maximize your packing and all the space in the bag you have. Believe us – pack your bag well, and you will thrive overseas! If you are departing soon and find packing a bit daunting, here are some tips that have helped us on past journeys:

  • Choose a bag that fits your trip – we can’t stress this enough. Your bag is going to be your best friend overseas. The main things to think about are size, how it is carried, and the materials it is made out of. Going for 4 days? You may only need a carry-on bag. Going on a Contiki bus tour with plenty of cargo-space? A heavy hard-shelled suitcase will work, as the bus will carry it. Alternatively you could consider a lightweight, soft backpack for strenuous walking journeys. If you wind up broke in Europe like Sam, you might use it as a pillow – think about that
  • Pack light – a hairdryer, hair-straightener, hair spray, shampoo, and dry shampoo will make your hair selfies look great in Paris, but every item you pack is going to add kilograms to your bag! There isn’t anything wrong with some extra kilos sometimes; just remember it’s going to be you carrying your bag everywhere, and an aching back on a hard hostel bed is not much fun!
  • You’ll be able to buy extra clothes at your destination – it’s better to pack light to begin with, so don’t worry if you arrive without your favourite running shoes – you can always buy them over there.
  • If you’re staying in a hostel, pack a compact sleeping bag or bedsheets – Hostels are great fun, but some can be notorious for hard uncomfy beds and bed-bugs. Packing some extra soft clothes may also help!
  • Make a packing checklist and use it! Or check out our Packing Checklist!

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