Em goes skydiving in the Swiss Alps


There are few things in the world that offer an experience like the Swiss Alps. In fantasy-like landscapes of waterfalls, snowy peaks and lush green meadows sit towns like Lauterbrunnen, Interlaken and Grimmelwald. These beautiful villages – made up of Bavarian wood cabins, floral gardens and calm rivers – give travelers tranquil refuge from the world beyond. These quiet and peaceful villages will catch your eye and leave you feeling nothing but awe, and after a few hours you’ll decide you never ever want to leave.

But there’s another side to these beautiful Swiss villages: extreme sports!

The town of Lauterbrunnen, where skydivers’ helicopters leave

Yesterday Emily, while staying in the small village of Lauterbrunnen, decided she wanted to go skydiving. On a crisp alpine morning with some light cloud, she set off to Skydive Xtreme on foot, ready for a 10am jump. Of the whole Topdeck crew, only one other person was on-board. As you can see in the beginning of the video below, Em was pretty nervous! As the group got into helicopters and took off, the most stunning view of the alps was revealed. It was a stunning vista of snowy mountains, jagged peaks, and the green valleys below. But when you’re about to skydive, it’s impossible to concentrate on the surroundings. Soon, it was time to jump…

The Video

The Photos


What a champion! Overcoming nerves and screaming as she plunged into the open air, she fell a great altitude before the parachute cord was finally pulled. Soon she had successfully landed in a grassy Interlaken field with a huge smile on her face. On the way down she had seen the Swiss Alps at their very finest – from above whilst falling at terminal velocity. She had had the experience of a lifetime, and Sam was very envious!

Learn more about Lauterbrunnen

Book a skydiving experience in the Swiss Alps

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