Don’t miss seeing this at Buckingham Palace


The close proximity of Buckingham Palace to Central London, as well as its strong association with the British Royal family, make it a hugely popular attraction to many guests visiting the United Kingdom. Nestled between the famous greens of Hyde Park and the river Thames, there is no finer location for the Palace, which every year hosts garden parties, banquets and military ceremonies, as well as houses the British Royal family.

Going to see Buckingham Palace is a must-do for any tourist, and will most likely be a simple walk away on your city adventures. One must-see Palace feature you can’t miss is the Changing the Guard Ceremony, which happens every day at 11:30am in the summer months. This ceremony commemorates the shift change of the Queen’s Guard – the soldier’s responsible for guarding the Queen’s residence.

It’s more than just a shift change. It’s a huge procession of highly-disciplined soldiers, accompanied by a magnificent marching band. Seeing so many soldiers marching in red coats and engaging in a highly disciplined routine is something that brings awe to many, including Em, who took this video the other day.

Our advice: plan your Buckingham Palace visit for 11:30, and watch the grand parade!

Watch the video!

You can read more about the Queen’s Guard at the British Army’s website

For times and information, go to the official Changing the Guard website

Been to see the ceremony? Email us and tell us what you thought!


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