A Melbourne Stay-cation: Day 2

This is a two part article. For part one, please click here.

Wake up in Phillip Island

So far on our stay-cation journey, we’ve wandered through the towns and boutiques of the Mornington Peninsula, had a picnic lunch surrounded by glorious sea views, and continued on to experience the parade of Little Penguins in Phillip Island.

But the morning sun is up, and it’s time to rise. Wake up in your glamping tent and basque in the sunlight which is gently warming the canvas. Today we’re heading home, but not before experiencing some more of Victoria’s most spectacular attractions.

Morning has come.jpg
Morning has arrived.

Visit Pyramid Rock and The Nobbies

If you haven’t visited some of Phillip Island’s natural wonders, now is the time to see them. Pyramid Rock is easily accessible to the south, and The Nobbies to the south-west is also a must-see. While on the walking trail, keep an eye out and you might be able to spot some Aussie wildlife such as this timid Rock Wallaby we saw.


These Victorian coastal views are magnificent, especially in the cold winter weather. Take a moment to experience the great crashing waves, the jagged rocks, and the froth marking the aftermath of their frequent clashes.


Once you feel satisfied with the Island experience, the time has sadly come to make the drive back home. But not to worry – your adventure isn’t over yet. There’s still a beautiful day ahead at one of Victoria’s biggest attractions on the peninsula.

Arrive at Peninsula Hot Springs

Set your sights on a romantic afternoon of relaxed bathing at the Peninsula Hot Springs. Peninsula Hot Springs is a place to unwind, bathe, reflect and refocus. It’s going to invigorate you and warm you up, and it’s perfect for a cold day! Walk around and bathe in over 20 themed bathing pools, with warm temperatures ranging up to 38 degrees celcius. Once you’ve experienced the cleansing pools, put on your gown and enter the massage rooms, where a delicate masseuse will put your muscles at ease.

And if you’re looking for something more personal and quiet, you can head to the Spa Dreaming Centre. In this area you can bathe in tranquil private pools and indulge in spa packages to help you revitalise even more. Could it get any better?

To book or read more about bathing packages, check out the Peninsula Hot Springs webpage here.

What a relaxing way to end an amazing trip! You may have work tomorrow. But as you drive home, you suddenly realise how much more focused you are. And you know what? Now the working week won’t be so bad after all. Thanks for joining us on a Melbourne stay-cation!

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