10 Photos to inspire you to visit Melbourne, Australia

From its emerging days to today, Melbourne has always been a hub of business, arts and culture. What started out as a port city that supported the Victorian Gold Rush, is now home to many of Australia’s greatest cultural icons. Voted the world’s most liveable city for the fifth year in a row, Melbourne is also known as Australia’s home of sport, good coffee and multicultural cuisines.

Melbourne also happens to be our hometown! We grew up here, studied here and continue to work here in between our travels. Check out some of our favourite pictures that bring out the best of this beautiful city.

Melbourne Cover
1. Melbourne skyline
2. Flinders Street Station
3. A street artist spray paints at Hosier Lane
4. Chuckle Park – A laneway cafe on Little Collins St
richmond game
5. The Melbourne Cricket Ground
St Pauls
6. St Paul’s Cathedral
7. The Yarra River overlooking Southbank at night
8. A Metro train carrying passengers into the Melbourne’s CBD
9. A horse and coach on Little Lonsdale street
10. Melbourne skyline from Brighton Beach



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