Struggles you will face when you stop travelling


Often when we return home from a holiday, we feel like we have  grown, flourished and matured. Here is the catch – nothing else around you has changed. This can take some getting used to. So here are the top 5 struggles that we face when we stop traveling.

1. Same Everything

Your friends are still working the same job, going about their day to day routine and talking about the same insignificant drama. And as you come to realise this, all you can think is ‘booooooring’!

2. Work

You are constantly reminded of the several reasons that you left in the first place – work is holding you back and dragging you down.

3. Life is expensive

Comparisons of everything to where ever you traveled to. Oh, a bottle of coke $3.50 in Australia – That would cost you 50c in Fiji!

4. You get asked the same question every day

People constantly asking the same question – “How was your holiday?”
Now, your holiday was great and wonderful and this could could be answered in one of 2 ways. 1) You could take an entire day to answer this question, but lets be honest they don’t have that much time to listen and you just cant cut it short to describe your life changing holiday in just a sentence. Or 2) Travel will make you speechless and you just cant describe all that you experienced in words.

5. You have incurable Wanderlust

You will be dreaming up your next holiday within days of returning home.


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