Review: 1908 Cronulla Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

Are you planning to stay in Cronulla during your visit to Sydney? We have a cute little restaurant we’d love to show you!

Following our trips to Taronga Zoo and Sydney Tower Eye, we decided to make our way to Cronulla, where we were to stay overnight. We discovered 1908 – a charismatic and charming restaurant very close to the beach. Its vine-covered old venue has been restored from the old community library, which gives the restaurant a slightly rustic feel. The other half of the building is a small fashion boutique, which just adds to the homely vibes. The waiting staff are dressed exceptionally well, are extremely attentive, and greeted us very warmly.

Untitled.pngAs we stepped inside we were pleasantly surprised to see every table laid with silverware and wine glasses, with a surprising amount of attention to detail. It’s funny how small things like this are so profoundly remembered. We found it expressed care and diligence to the restaurant’s hospitality mission.

We were also delighted to hear a young and skilful jazz trio playing soft ambient music to admiring patrons. The waiter escorted us to a small table for two beside the trio, and we spent the evening enjoying the playful and charismatic expressions from the band’s lead guitar.

Mellow, ambient jazz rhythms with soft and soothing lead guitar licks; the perfect accompaniment to dinner

With a dinner booking with friends elsewhere, we were here to get drinks and a small appetiser. We promptly ordered two entrées to share – the braised lamb ribs with pasilla chilli relish (left), and the curry leaf roti with mulligatawny (right). They arrived very swiftly, and both tasted absolutely delicious. The lamb and the roti were both so flavoursome, with exotic spice blends and incredible tenderness. It made us long to try a main meal serving, but alas – we needed to move on.

The big selling point of 1908 is its attention to detail – with well dressed wait staff, perfectly set tables, soft ambient music, exquisite food presentation and flavour, and timely delivery of service. One particular thing we enjoyed was that at the conclusion of the meal, the bill (or check) arrived in a patterned hardcover library book.This rustic homage to the restaurant’s roots well and truly impressed us, and we left very happy travelers.

We rate this as a highly recommended restaurant if you are looking for somewhere to spend a nice night out in Cronulla – for either food or cocktails!

Check out their menu, whats on and make bookings on their website.


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