The Eye of Sydney

Em and Sams Wanderland Sydney Tower Eye

Looming above the Sydney skyline like a big tall flower, stands magnificent spire structure known as the Sydney Tower. it sits in the city centre, behind Martin Place in above Westfield Shopping Centre. The tower is the second tallest in the Southern Hemisphere, and attracts thousands of tourists each year. On the fourth floor (289 metres up) is the Tower Eye – an observation deck where tourists can experience a 360 degree view of Sydney. Following a huge day at Taronga Zoo, we decided to spend the next morning experiencing the Eye! This is our review.

The Facts

  • Construction of the tower began in 1970. It officially opened to the public in 1981
  • It is the second tallest in the Southern Hemisphere, behind Auckland’s Sky Tower
  • The tower is home to a 360-degree bar and restaurant, a buffet restaurant, a function room, and the Tower Eye – a tourist viewpoint
  • It has a height of 309 metres.

The Location

Sydney Skyline.jpg
The Sydney skyline, showing Sydney Tower (Middle Left)

The location is good! So much so that we walked there from our Darling Harbour hotel with absolute ease. Entrance to the tower is located on level 5 of Westfield Shopping Centre on George St. The tower is a picturesque short walk away from the harbour, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. It’s an enjoyable walk, and there’s plenty of shopping to do along the way!

The Price

To visit the obervation deck is surprisingly cheap! As of writing, the walk-in price is just $26.50 for adults and $11.20 for children. This includes a five minute 4D movie screening and unlimited time up on the deck, so it’s actually great value. We happened to get our tickets on Scoopon, so they were even cheaper! Make sure you stay on the lookout for good deals.

Click here to visit the ticketing website.

The Good

The views! They were incredible. On the day we went up, the skies were blue and clear. They say you can see 80 kilometres from the viewpoint, and we can attest that it’s true!

From the deck, you can see gorgeous views of St Mary’s Cathedral, the SCG, the Sydney Football Statium, King’s Cross Station, Darling Harbour, Sydney’s Luna Park, and the Botanical Gardens. This is prime time to take plenty of photos and take in the bustling sunny city from a high vantage point. For the view alone, this attraction is worth it.

The pre-tower film isn’t too bad either. It’s only four minutes, but offers viewers an exhilerating representation of Sydney life and culture. Expect to be sprayed with water and rocked by the vibrating floor, because this one’s in 4D!

Also available is the SKYWALK. We didn’t do this one, but it looks fantastic! For approximately $70 each, visitors – in harnesses – stand on a viewing platform on the outside of the building for a 45 minute sightseeing session. If you can afford this one, it’s best to do it!

The Bad

While we would recommend the attraction to visitors, there were still a few things that we believe may disappoint some guests. So if you’re going up the eye expecting a mile-high utopia, make sure you read this first!

  • Views to some of the harbour are obstructed by skyscrapers
  • Views of the Opera House AND Harbour Bridge are obstructed by skyscrapers
  • There are no seats for the duration of the pre-tower film. Plan accordingly if you are traveling with elderly or people requiring seating!
  • The experience is generally fast, so don’t plan your whole day around seeing the eye. We were in and out in approximately half an hour
  • Be Aware: the Skywalk is slightly more expensive (but well worth it).
Opera House Obstruction.jpg
The view of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, both obstructed

Final Verdict

We loved the tower for its incredible views of Sydney, its easily accessible location and its surprisingly low price. But there were some small negatives. The whole experience felt like it was over so quickly, and we couldn’t see a clear view of the Opera House or the Harbour Bridge. Even so, we would still recommend the attraction. And with our recommendation we will also say this: if you can afford to do the SkyWalk, DO IT! It is worth every penny.



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