10 Photos to inspire you to visit New York City

Since its foundations were laid in 1624, New York City has been a symbol of one thing: opportunity. For many years, New York was America’s processing port for millions of immigrants, each in search of a brand new life and the pursuit of the great American dollar. New York City, in every way represents these hopes and dreams. Its towering skyscrapers dazzle, its crowded streets bustle with the rush of business, and its art and culture inspires. If we haven’t said enough, let us say this – New York is a destination for every traveler’s bucket list.

1. Manhattan from the water
2. The Empire State Building
3. Top of the Empire State Building
4. Central Park
5. View from the top of the Empire State Building
6. 9/11 Memorial
7. Times Square
8. A view of Central Park and the Upper East Side
9. Lady Liberty, Staten Island
10. Times Square







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