4 Days in Fiji

Fiji is famous as a beach-side Summer getaway, where relaxation and slow-living is encouraged. But if you’re of the adventuring kind, you might want to make the most of every second and see all that Fiji has to offer. And believe us, Fiji has a lot of attractions you’re going to want to see! Whether you’re escaping for a couple of days, or planning a few weeks’ break, it’s going to be a jam-packed trip!

Here is how we squeezed as much of Fiji as we could into just 4 whole days.

Day 1

On day one, we set out early on a tour to the Sabeto thermal mud pools (by Tourism Fiji), where we had fun slapping mud all over each others entire bodies. This leaves the skin feeling soft and velvety, and helps heal those hated mosquito bites. Once you are covered in mud, it’s time to go for a walk to check out the hot spring ‘source’ while the mud dries. The source is where the heat radiates from the ground at a boiling 72°c – so hot that you can see bubbles of steam raising from the depths. The source pool was beautifully crystal clear, but don’t even think about jumping in unless you want to boil alive.
Once the mud has dried, it’s time to jump into another thermal pool at 38-40°c to wash the mud off. At the bottom of this pool is about three feet of mud, and we got a sinking feeling as we waded in. Scary! There are a few other thermal pools around, and you can sit in them all day, relaxing and gazing up at the pleasant mountain vista above. The entry also comes with a free fifteen minute massage! If you weren’t relaxed enough in the pools, you will be now.


After this we headed into Nadi town to sit down to some traditional lunch at the seafood curry steak house. The curry house serves up a mixture of local and Indian dishes, including a traditional one we tried – Fijian Vakalolo – fish or chicken in a coconut milk soup broth. It was really delicious!
Nearby, Nadi town’s fresh produce and handicraft markets are a big attraction for international tourists, and both offer a great walkthrough experience. It was here that a local stall holder invited us to participate in a Kava ceremony. Kava is a traditional Fijian drink. Mildly narcotic, it is made by pounding sun-dried kava root into a fine powder, and steeping it with fresh water. Drinking kava results in a numb feeling around the mouth, lips and tongue and a sense of relaxation.

Check out our blog post about the kava ceremony here.


Day 2

Nestled in the Sleeping Giant Mountains – just a half-hour drive from Nadi – is a popular attraction known as the Sleeping Giant Zipline. On our second day in Fiji we decided to check it out. If you like scenic views, flying and heights, this one is for you! There are five ziplines in chain, and for $50FJ, you get to ride them all. If you ask, the instructors even let you ride upside down or in tandem.

After flying through the forest canopy, everyone heads to the stream below for a swim. Here are some photos of us jumping from the top of the cascade!

Soon we were departing, and we decided to head back into Nadi town for the afternoon. Almost spontaneously, we dropped into Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple – and boy is it a sight for sore eyes. There is so much colour everywhere! The real feature of this temple is the immaculate paintings on the ceilings, featuring colourful depictions of the great figures of Hinduism. For a mere $5 entry, it’s totally worth it.

Day 3

Today we went on a 5 island hop – travelling from island-to-island by boat to get a glimpse of island life. The day featured snorkeling, paddle boarding and kayaking. The day was complete with golden sands, blue skies and crystal clear waters.

There is simply too much to write about here, so check out the full post.

Day 4

On our final full day in Fiji, we set out on a long drive to Rakiraki to witness first-hand the devastation and wreckage that cyclone Winston left behind when it hit just 2 weeks earlier. We hired a taxi, and he showed us the wrecked villages. Some houses were blown away completely. Most were without a roof. We felt very sorry for the locals affected.

Check out our blog post about this heart wrenching adventure here.

As the sun began setting in the tropical skies, we headed back to the hotel for a relaxing whole body massage, dinner, and some more wine in the spa overlooking the beach.

Fortunately, as the ruins of cyclone Winston are are slowly repaired, spending a day like this will not be possible. An alternative adventure for you to consider could be to explore the coral coast, swim beneath one of Fiji’s many waterfalls, body surf down the Sigatoka sand dunes, or visit the Fiji Museum in Suva. The possibilities are endless.

Seen an amazing attraction we’ve missed? Send us an email at esw@eswanderland.com and tell us about it!

Happy holidaying!


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