How to pack a hat


A hat is a essential item when packing for travel – not only for sun protection but to accessorise of course!
The worst thing to find after arriving at your hotel after a long haul flight is unzipping your suitcase and finding your favourite hat all squished up and ruined – possibly for good. Obviously, an easy way to overcome this problem is to wear it on the flight. However you don’t need the sun protection onboard, and you certainly don’t want to look like a crazy nut-case. Sure, once on the plane you could just remove it and stow it away at your feet or in the overhead compartments, but it is just as likely to be squished and ruined or will take up up your valuable, precious foot space. Here we will show you the tips we have learned for packing a hat or cap for travel.

1. Start off with piling your hats together (biggest to smallest) if you have more than one


2. Fill the centre up with items that wont get wrinkled (bathers, underwear or scarfs are perfect!)

3. Place your hat(s) in your suitcase right side facing up, with the filling underneath


4. Now just fill your suitcase, working around the hat with some of your bigger items like so.

Your hat is safe from being squished and wrinkled – time to enjoy the sun!


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