Island Hopping in Fiji

For many Australian travelers, Fiji is the perfect island getaway nation, with beautiful golden sands, clear waters, and welcoming locals. The coasts of all its islands are dotted with resorts, restaurants and beach bars, each with their own unique themes, friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere. We had the pleasure of going on a sunny island-hopping adventure – complete with water activities in the crystal-clear ocean. Our day was so good, we’d like to share it with you!
Our adventure began at 8:30am on the jetty of our beach resort just north of Nadi. The skies were blue and cloudless, and after meeting with our tour leader and boat captain, we discovered we were the only ones going out to the islands. We were going to get a private, exclusive tour!
First stop after a short boat ride was Beachcomber Island. Beachcomber Island consists of a wooden-hut resort surrounded by palm trees, golden-white sands and waters of the lightest blue. It is in every sense a tropical paradise; the kind only seen in movies and on computer desktops. We had a short stay to frolic in the shallow waters, meander through sand-floored dining huts, and walk the whole circumference of the island. Yes you read right – Beachcomber is the perfect size for walking around!

Our boat soon departed Beachcomber, and we were quickly headed to the sprawling coral reef in the heart of the bay. This was not without a surprise stop at Funky Fish resort to pick up snorkeling gear – yay! As we pulled up to the reef with our gear on, we all discovered Em was afraid of deep water, and she freaked out a bit in the beginning. But fear was swiftly replaced with awe when we saw the beautiful scene below us. If you’re thinking about doing an island hop in Fiji, you must go snorkeling! We took stacks of photos with Em’s GoPro, and we’re sure you’ll agree that the marine life is incredible.
Check out the photos!

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We paddled back toward our vessel, where we continued on to Malolo Lailai Island. This island is home to the adjacent resorts – Plantation and Musket Cove. These resorts were a hub for water sports and activities, including kayaking, surfing, jet-skiing and parasailing. And for those who aren’t here for high-intensity sports, simply relaxing in the warm, shallow waters that go on for ages and taking in the spectacular views of mountains will give you great pleasure!. The resort even offers a blow-up water activity course for the little kids (which we were rather disappointed we were not allowed to play on, and not for lack of trying!)

After splashing around in a little red kayak and enjoying everything that this beautiful island had to offer, we found ourselves setting out on the blue oceans for the final island, Funky Fish. When you – the guest – step off the boat onto Funky Fish’s jetty, you are welcomed onto the island with a short walk along a gorgeous coastal board walk. Relax and take a break in the several hammocks along the way if needed. And never rush – Fiji time! Once we arrived at the restaurant we were greeted with a freshly cooked meal and some complimentary beverages by the pool. Soon afterwards (perhaps too soon!) we jumped straight back into the water and tried paddle boarding for the first time. Look at Sam’s failed attempt!


All too soon we found ourselves boarding the boat again; heading back home to our resort while the sun was setting in the horizon. Our bodies were exhausted, tired and very sunburnt, but we were happy. Life is at its best on these islands, and the locals know it. It was time to go back to the mainland – to our own beachside resort – to check out our sunburn.


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